Matsui Rubber Binder Series:

- MT Rubber binder ME/MJ white, mat, clear

- MT Stretch 320 white, mat, clear

- MT Stretch 701 white, mat, clear

- MT Catalyst # 3000


Matsui Transparent & Metallic Binder Series:

- MT Binder MSBL (binder glitter)

- MT Bronze MH-L

- MT Binder KDB DG (binder glitter)

- MT Shine Binder B-1006

- MT Pear Binder silver, gold

- MT Metallic binder

- MT Rustpol T

- MT Silver Powder stabilizer


Matsui Hot Melt Adhesive Binder:

- MT SP top ink

- MT-Binder TFG-0905

- MT Matsumin Top Coat 301TC

- MT Matsumin Flock Binder 301


Matsui Specialty Binder:

- MT Cube Mat 1210M

- MT Mycapaste BR-X (Bleeding effect)

- MT Crack Binder 812 (Crack effect)

- MT Matsumin Binder CB

- MT Printgen OP-30PS (Burn out)

- MT Printgen OP12

- MT Printgen SA (Penetrating agent)

- MT Printgen A-4 (Anti Riple)

- MT Shrink Agent R Powder


Matsui Foaming Series:

- MT Foaming binder 3D

- MT Foaming binder HT-224

- MT Foaming binder STR-W


Matsui 301 for Automatic Machine Matsumin Series: 

- MT Top white, clear 301

- MT White, clear  301

- MT Stretch 301 white, clear, mat

- MT Under coat binder, under clear 301 


Matsui Discharge Series:  

- MT Discharge binder 301 DW, DC, DC-S

- MT Eco discharge 301 white, clear

- MT Binder 801 & Printgen 801

- MT Highzitt 710, Carrier PET, Resihalf DA


Matsui Super White Series:

- MT Super white W-0116, W-0226, W-0910

- MT Mat binder MS-1

- MT Super white ARW-GS, ART-4T

- MT AR binder GS

- MT Super white KDW

- MT Binder KDB


Matsui Cross Lingking / Fixing Agent:

- MT Fixer F

- MT Fixer N

- MT Fixer G (for glass beads)

- MT Fixer L


Matsui Additive Series:

- MT Emacol R-530 (thickener)
- MT Emacol R-600 (emulsifier)
- MT Printgen EG (anti clogging)

- MT Printgen C-0912 (softener)


Matsui Binder Series:

- MT Matsuminsol MR-50

- MT Matsuminsol F-23C

- MT Matsuminsol F-23C-Y3

- MT Binder D-109H-1


Matsui Printing Table Adhesive:

- MT Mycadine CL 303 (printing table adhesive)
- MT Mycadine SA (printing table adhesive)


Matsui Hybrid Binder (DYESTONE):

Hybrid X Color:


-Yellow MX, gold yellow MX, orange MX, rose MX, pink MX, blue MX, sky blue MX, navy MX blue MX, violet MX, green MX, black MX-B, red MX-B, red MX-F, dark brown MF


Hybrid Additive:

- Fixer XA-E

-Fixer XA

-Fixer XA-C

-Fixer XA-N

-Thickener XS

-Abrasion XF






- Genesis plus base

- Plush base

- Amazing base


Wilflex Clears:

- Brittle clear

- Epic High Clear

- Super HD clear

- Luna clear


Wilflex Transfer (Transflex):

- Transflex transclear


Wilflex Additives:

- Curable reducer

- Soft hand clear

- Finesse

- Smooth extender

- Reducer #1

- Thickener #2


Epic Additives:

- Flock base additive

- Foil resist additive

- Viscosity buster

- Flash additive

- Printable Adhesive

- Flexipuff additive


Epic Whites:

- Sprint white, polywhite, quick white, PF hilite white, cotton white, warrior white


Epic Non PVC Clears:

- Special effects clear



 Wilflex MX Series (Finished Ink):

- White, black, orange, nm red, red, magenta, violet, marine, blue, green, nm yellow, yellow, fluorescent pink, fluorescent red, fluorescent purple, fluorescent blue, fluorescent yellow


PC Pigment Concentrates

- Extra white, maroon, magenta, blue, green, bright yellow, velvet black, bright orange, marine blue, electron yellow, electron blue, electron red, fluo pink, fluo purple, violet.


Epic Pigment Concentrates

- Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Fluo Pink, Fluo Purple.


Wilflex Optima Standard Color:

- Scarlet, brown, white




- Athletic Trophy White, HT Quick White, Artist Plus White, Olympia Plus White.


Epic Bases:

- Cork Base

- Fashion Soft Base

- Nova Base

- Dulling Paste

- Sclupture Base

- Rock Base

- Halftone Base

- Brittle Base



Epic Process Color Sets:

- Process cyan, magenta, black, yellow


Epic Metallic, Glitters, Shimmer:

- Silver shimmer, gold shimmer, underbase grey


Epic Finished Ink Types:

- Mixing white, black, orange, red, magenta, violet, marine, blue, green, yellow, fluo pink, fluo red, fluo purple, fluo blue, fluo yellow, nm yellow, nm red


Epic Special Ink

- Extender Base

- Stretch Base

- HD Sharp Clear

- Mettalic Base

- SSV-FF E Base

- Liquid Silver

- Liquid Gold

- Epic High Clear

- Straight Up Suede

- Straight Up Satin

- Soft Hand Clear

CSC Screen Printing Inks

Xilicone System - Non toxic 2 part silicone paste rubber

  • Up to 12 hours active time after mixing 1:1 Base to Catalyst, plus max 5% Xilicone concentrated pigment

  • For almost all Natural & Synthetic fiber textile material

  • Consists of White, Suede, Transparent, 13 color concentrated and 8 Fluoresent Colors.

  • Alternative for PVC-Free High Density Ink, Flocking Adhesive, Foil Adhesive, Heat Resist Ink, Medical & Surgical Ink

Genesis System - Acrylic water based ink with ultimate fastness properties, can be printed for certain types of water-repellent fabric

  • For Cotton, TC, polyester, rayon, denim, some Vinyl & some Nylon

  • Can add CBA Fixer (Catalyst Binding Agent) up to 3% for excellent fastness

  • Print-Dry- Curing 150o C/ 302o F x 3 menit

  • Available in Clear, Opaque, White, and Gray Base (Undercoat). Can add up to 20% concentrated pigment color

Ecosol E1 System - Water based plastisol for thin soft hand feel with rubbery feeling  – high solid content thermoplastic acrylic emulsion paste ink

  • Suitable for wet on wet machine printing

  • Non PVC, Non Phthalate, Non Formaldehyde

  • For cotton, polyester, and some stretchable cotton / nylon

  • Available in White, High Opaque, Clear

  • For color matching, add 10%-15% concentrated pigment color

EES System - Economical water based plastisol for thin soft hand feel - VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free

  • Suitable for wet on wet machine printing
  • Available in White, Clear, Opaque, Gray Base, Mirror Gold, and Mirror Silver

  • Add 0.5% to 1% CBA Fixer to improve fastness

  • Use with Permaset NF System for discharge printing

  • For color matching, add up to 8% concentrated pigment color

Permaset NF System - 100% water based discharge paste for use with EES system

  • Print after (on top) of color printing, as the last print to discharge on dark dischargeable fabric 

  • Available in Permaset Tru White

  • Wet on wet print   

Rubber M3000 Series - Economical new generation water based rubber ink

  • Good hand feel, washing fastness, crocking fastness, opacity, printability, and tack free

  • Available in White, Clear, Opaque

  • For color matching, add up to 8% concentrated pigment color. Add 0.5% to 1% CBA Fixer to improve fastness

Rubber M5000 Series - Mid range new generation water based rubber ink

  • Excellent hand feel, washing fastness, crocking fastness, opacity, printability, and tack free

  • Available in White, Clear, Opaque

  • Can be air-dry and is self-crosslink. Add 0.5% to 1% CBA Fixer to improve fastness

  • For color matching, add up to 10% concentrated pigment color

Enviroplus Plastisol - Non Phthalate

  • Terdiri dari 18 pewarna dan base:
  • White base
  • 750 Base - transluscent, semi mat, dicampur base putih 2%-5% utk opaque.  Utk sablon high density warna (siku tajam), blok, dan separasi
  • High Density Base - semi putih, siku tajam
  • 84 Base - clear, utk jelly printing (high density bulat), foil & flock transfer
  • 74 Base - clear, utk jelly printing (high density bulat), & campur glitter & metallic powder
  • CMX - terdiri dari 10 warna, 4 warna stabilo (green, orange, violet, dan yellow), serta 4 warna process color 
  • Tersedia MX Color Formulation & Pantone Color Formulation



Rubber Ink

- Aquaprene (White, Opaque)

- Aquamax (White, Opaque)

- Rubberlite (White, Opaque, Clear)



- Aquaplas



- Aquasil white, opaque (waterbased silicone-like)

- White HD, Opaque HD

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