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PHONE: +62 (22) 423-4426,  FAX:  +62 (22) 420-2814,  Email:  lucassps@bdg.centrin.net.id



Silicon solvent based ink.  Printing result is very elastic and shiny.  The ink can be used for special effect that require a thick print.

Color availability:  Clear, Red, Yellow, Blue, and white.
Packing availability:  1kg, 1 gallon (appx. 4kg), 1 pail (appx 20kg)


Affordable plastisol ink.  Can be used for standard thin print or thick print.

Color availability:  Clear, White, Black, Gold Yellow, Red Ciba, Red 32, Blue, Ultramarine Blue, and Orange
Packing availability:  1kg, 1 gallon (appx. 4kg), 1 pail (appx 20kg)


Thermo Probe
Digital Temperature Monitor and donut probe. The thermo probe and donut package bring a heightened awareness of plastisol curing and dryer performance.
This system privides continuous temperature data for the entire length of conveyor dryer. The thermo probe will interpret air temperature, aborbed garment temperature and absorbed ink temperature. The thermo probe also be used with flash cure equipment. The thermo probe and donut probe provide information to address these variables and establish settings for panel height, retention time (belt speed) suited for particular ink and substrate. 

MX Mixing System
The Wilflex MX Mixing System is an easy to use, easy to mix color matching system with 15 intermixable colors that enables printers to produce simulations of coated and uncoated PANTONE Color Formula Guide colors on white and dark (with white underlay) garments. MX inks produce soft-hand inks for high production, wet-on-wet printing, offering a matte finish and improved crock resistance
Ordering Information:                     NEW Non-Migration colors:
11888MX MX White                                          48881MX NM Red B/S
19888MX MX Black                                          88881MX NM Yellow
38888MX MX Orange
48888MX MX Red (Blue Shade)
48889MX MX Magenta
58888MX MX Violet
68888MX MX Marine (Red Shade)
68889MX MX Blue (Green Shade)
78888MX MX Green
88888MX MX Yellow
98888MX MX florecent Yellow
98884MX MX Florecent Red
98880MX MX Florecent Pink
98886MX MX Florecent Blue
98885MX MX Florecent Purple
Wilflex Optima
Wilflex Optima inks are engineered printing with manual or automatic equipment. Standard Colors (SC) offer printers an attractive range of the colors to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Mixing Colors (MX) are used to create pantone Simulation and custom colors. Process Colors (PR) are used for traditional process color printing applications.
PC Express System
Wilflex PC Express is a pigment concentrate and base color mixing system that enables printers to pruduce accurate coated or uncoated simulations of the PANTONE® Color Formulation Guide with only 15 pigment concentrates, including florecent.
Ordering Information:
10110PC Extra White
10450PC Maroon
10470PC Magenta
10570PC Violet
10680PC Blue
10700PC Green
10870PC Bright Yellow
10940PC Velvet Black
11300PC Bright Orange
11650PC Marine
18000PC Electron Yellow
18010PC Electron Blue
18060PC Electron Red
19040PC Flou. Pink
19080PC Flou. Purple
Epic Series – Phthalate Free
11888PFX Epic White, an easy to use, easy to mix color mixing system with 15 intermixable colors, enable printers to produce simulations of coated and incoated PANTONE Color Formula Guide colors on white and dark (with white underlay) garment. Epic inks produce soft hand inks for high production, wet on wet printing, offering a matte finish and improved crock resistance. In addition to 15 mixing colors, a bleed resistant white, a cotton white and a non-phthalate extender are also available in the Epic Series, with more product to come.
Ordering Information:
19888PFX Epic Black
38888PFX Epic Orange
48888PFX Epic Red
48889PFX Epic Magenta
58888PFX Epic Violet
68888PFX Epic Marine
68889PFX Epic Blue
78888PFX Epic Green
88888PFX Epic Yellow
98880PFX Epic Florecent Pink
98884PFX Epic Florecent Red
98885PFX Epic Florecent Purple
98886PFX Epic Florecent Blue
98888PFX Epic Florecent Yellow
10000PFX Epic Extender Base
11000PFW Epic BR White (Bleed Resistance)
11001PFW Epic Cotton White
11110PFCLR Epic PF Clear
15888PFX Metallic Silver Shimmer
85570PFX  Epic Ultra Gold Shimmer 


Genesis (GNS) Bases
Genesis Bases are specifically formulated for high productivity wet-on-wet printing.Genesis inks have excellent resistance to build-up. Genesis inks also may be used to print conventional cold-peel transfers.

- Halftone Base 10000GNS- To be used for Process colors or high-level fluorescent colors.
- Genesis Base 1054GNS- High productivity wet-on-wet printing, moderate gloss.
- Genesis Plus Base 10680GNS- Similar to 10540GNS base, matte finish, more opaque, creamy in bucket.

Genesis Process Inks
Genesis process inks are formulated to achieve the cleanest and highest intensity colors for textile process screen printing. These pure, transparent colors are designed for high productivity, direct wet-on-wet printing. Excellent resistance to build-up, super printability, extremely soft hand and minimal do gain.

Genesis Standard Process Set :
19850GNS Process Black
49850GNS Process Magenta
69850GNS Process Cyan
89850GNS Process Yellow. 

ReducerCurable Reducer 10070RED
Viscosity reducer that will cure at standard plastisol cure temperatures (320 F/160 C), which ensures that you can lower ink viscosity without fear of cure problems. Curable reducer is an efficient reducer & an addition of 5% by weight will lower the viscosity of most Wilflex ink by 25%. Additon greater than 10% may reduce bleed resistance & opacity. Any dramatic changes in viscosity may result in altered printing characteristics.
Viscosity Buster 10025VB
Additions of 1-3 % by weight will stabilize and improve the flow properties of finished ink. Do not use more 3 % by weight! This product is very efficient in small amounts. Will not affect bleed resistance or opacity, when used as direct.
Reducer #1
Reduce 1 is a plasticizer blend, therefore, excessive use may cause cure and bleed problem. Preffered reducer is Curable Reducer or Viscosity Buster.
ThickenersThickener #1
Viscous brown liquid used to increase viscosity & add body to low viscosity ink. Recommed limit : up to 3% by weight.
Thickener #2
White powder. An essential for high density printing. Addition up to 8 oz. cup pergallon of ink are recommended to body & stiffen a finish ink. By increasing viscosity, the ink film will sit on substate surface, improving opacity. ExCessive amounts of thickener 2 will cause build up on back of screen & accelerate the agin of the ink viscosity. A mask is recommended when handling thickener 2. High speed, high shear mixing will disperse powder without lumping. Be caution t not overheat the ink.

Finesse 10150FNS
Addition of 10-20% may be used to improved printability & soften hand of general purpose and specialty Wilflex ink. Addition greater than 20% will reduce opacity.
Soft Hand Clear 10140CLEAR
A soft, clear plastisol designed to lend with general purpose & specialty plastisol inks to soften & extend inks. Tends to drop viscosity slightly. Will reduce build-up while making inks easier to print.

Miscellaneous Additives 
Dulling  Additive
Additions of 7-10 % by weight to Genesis inks will reduce gloss of surface & will not interfere with print properties. Dulling Additive is curable & addition greater than 10 % may be used, but print characteristics will change.
Flexifuff Additive 10520FLEX
Formulated to be mixed with general purpose ink (GNS, MP, MX) to give a raised or elevated effect. Flexipuff may be added in amount of 30% by weight.
Flash Additive(FLASHADD)
Add up to 10% by weight of this powder to GNS or MP inks to lower flash temperature. However, this product will alter the print characteristics of these inks & cause build-up when printing wet on wet.
Straight Up High Density Additives
Add to existing inks, like MX, to create totally innovative, three dimensional. WP220SUP GLOSS, WP221SUP SATIN, WP222SUP SUEDE

Special Effect Powder

Two Tone Pearl Powder
Pearl powder that create a two tone color that can be seen from different angles.  Can be mixed with transparent solvent inks or transparent water based inks.

Available in:  Purple-Blue,  Gold-Red,  Blue-Red,  Green-Blue
Packing availability:  100gr, 1kg