LUCA'S Screen Printing Supplies & Machinery

We are a family owned business that started in 1971.  Our business have evolved from a small graphic shop to what we are today.  We carry a complete line of screen printing need, whether it is for graphic screen printing, garment printing, or textile printing.  

In addition to screen printing chemicals, equipments, and machinery, we also have an in-house graphic center for film making and printing, screen streching service, stencil making service, etc.  In short, we are a one stop store for your screen printing need.

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Ade K

Jl.  Karang Anyar 26,  Bandung, West Java 40241 -  Indonesia
PHONE: +62 (22) 423-4426,  FAX:  +62 (22) 420-2814,  Email:  lucassps@bdg.centrin.net.id
PHONE: +62 (22) 423-4426,  FAX:  +62 (22) 420-2814,  Email:  lucassps@bdg.centrin.net.id
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